Frankie – Adopted

Name: Frankie
Sex: Male
D.O.B: 25/09/2018
Size: Will be Large (Growing)
Mixed Breed

Frankie is the is the biggest puppy out of his litter, and likewise, with his size, his personality is huge as well. Out of all his brothers and sisters, Frankie has always been the goofiest and funniest; he loves jumping up and down on his hind paws, as well as ”singing” with his barks.

Similarly to his brothers and sisters, Frankie is naturally playful and curious – he loves to stop and smell things and enjoys sitting on your lap and being slathered with cuddles. His soft fluffy hair makes him all the more adorable, and his floppy dark ears are always searching for new sounds. This is a little sweetheart that would be perfect for a home full of affection and toys.

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