Name: Alex
Sex: Female
D.O.B: 15/6/2018
Size: Medium
Mixed Breed

The curious one from the family of 6. As with her brothers and sisters (Healey, Caputo, Larry, Piper and Stella), she was brought in after having been abandoned on a field without shelter. A woman had been caring for them for some weeks, but once we found out their situation, we had to bring them in.

Ever since arriving, Alex has been cautious and wary of new humans, but that doesn’t stop her from absolutely loving you once a bond is formed. While she may be shy and withdrawn at the first meet, a couple of treats, walks, and cuddles later, and she will love you without condition. Many of our volunteers have come to love this dog for her sweet and childish personality, which is shown through her love of walks, and play time. This timid beauty is curious about exploring her life.

To be honest, how can you look at that face and those ears and not go“aaaawwwwwww”!

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