Sylvia -Adopted

Sylvia -Adopted

Update – Sylvia has now been re-homed.


✔️Boxer, Female, 1 year old

✔️26 kg


✔️Test and free of Leishmaniasis and Heartworm



✔️Blood tests runed with excellent results


✔️Up to date vacations

✔️Sociable with other dogs

✔️Trained with basic obedience and tricks

✔️Trained to ride in the car inside a transportation box


Sylvia, a deaf 1-year-old boxer, was taken by ARA from a situation of neglect and mistreatment.

Chained and confined to a small area, she spent her entire and short life alone, without company, without protection against the cold / heat, and with very sporadic access to food or water. She could only count with the goodwill of one neighbor or another. After the Animal Rescue Algarve received the complaint and proceed to its rescue was immediately seen by a veterinarian and received the name of Sylvia in honor of the person who had the courage to report us the situation. Not that she recognizes the name that has been assigned to her … after all, her world is made of silences. Sylvia is deaf. We discovered his deafness the first few days when she stayed with Iron Dog Algarve dog school, where during the last 2 weeks he received the proper training, using sign language. At this moment, after an excellent physical recovery, she already controls better her impulses and explosions of energy, knows how to walk on the leash without pulling, sitting, lying, standing, licking, escort, zig zag, among other exercises and tricks. She turned out to be an extremely insightful bitch and very easy to teach. This may contribute to the fact that she had little or no contact or interaction with humans during his previous life. She’s a diamond for sculpturing! We needed very few training sessions to realize its great potential. It has a super and infinite appetite for food, which greatly facilitates the training. She is really smart and quickly learns the desired behavior.

However, there are still marks of the months when she has been stuck in the sun and rain: it is still somehow reactive to collar placement (for a long time the collar was synonymous with imprisonment).

She is an extremely cheerful bitch, curious and simple-hearted. She loves to have other dogs company and play with them, and clearly feels an enormous desire to explore and to know the whole world that has been forbidden to her until now. Every day is a learning experience for her. We had the opportunity to see her first reaction, for example, on a sofa, or at home, and we confess that it was endearing to see her satisfaction.

In behavioral terms, it presents and has revealed all the usual characteristics in the Boxer breed: playful, energetic, intelligent, sociable with other animals and people.

She is quickly adapting to new routines and new rules.

She already knows how to behave well at home but she is needy. She does not like being alone (we think she’s spent too much time alone!). She also know and like to ride on the car, inside her transportation box carrier.

We are sure she will be a great addition to any household as long as the family have the patience and disposition to deal with an extremely active bitch and to communicate with her using sign language as she is deaf.

This is the unique opportunity for those who have always wanted a Boxer, very young, in perfect health condition, and with excellent skills to be trained and actively interact with its owner. Sylvia is now ready for adoption and to find her forever family who finally treats her with the respect she deserves and provide her with dignified living conditions. The Iron Dog Algarve and the Animal Rescue Algarve will provide all the necessary accompaniment during the process of adoption and adaptation to the new home.


Those interested in adopting Sylvia should call 914551187, and they will go through two phases: first a telephone conversation and a written questionnaire, and the second phase a face-to-face meeting at Iron Dog Algarve facilities, in order to decide who’s the family with the best profile to adopt her. Thank you.

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