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Contacting ARA for Assistance

Every day here at Animal Rescue Algarve we receive an average of 20 requests for help concerning abandoned animals, chained, neglected, mistreated, litters left in the middle of no where, babies found in a rubbish bin, badly treated horses etc.

We have a long waiting list for animals at the shelter because we are always full and we can only help the next animal if someone helps us by adopting a dog or cat therefore giving us the space to accommodate another animal.

As a charity, we would love to be able to help everyone but with the situation as it stands it is humanly impossible. We only survive thanks to the help of private individuals, because as of yet we do not have any support from public entities. If it wasn’t for good hearted people that donate ARA would not exist and can only continue if we they continue to help and support us.

We ask everyone that has requests for help to be understanding and take into account that we are not obliged to collect animals from the street as we are a private institution with volunteer workers and limited space. However we always try to do our best because it is within our hearts to do so.

Due to the current demand we can not respond to everyone immediately, nor will we be able to help everyone, but we will always do our upmost to accommodate every request that is made. If you feel that you are able to help the charity in any way, being it by volunteering or financial or even by promoting public awareness we would love to hear from you.

Anyone who has requests for help for animals can send requests to our helpline email:
We can only consider requests made via this email and all requests will be added to our waiting.

ARA Team

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