Cat Adoption Story

Tilly was found in the beach bar at Vale do Lobo..She was making a lot of noise when she breathed and wasn’t breathing from her nose..she was also very unstable on her back legs..

She was taken to the vets..where they gave 2 courses of Antibiotics..but Tilly didn’t get better.

She has just had an investigating operation on her nose and they found she has scar tissue that closes up her tubes and prevents her from breathing properly..They inserted a tube to blow up the hole and they tried to put a stent to prevent it from happening but she reacted badly when she woke up so they had to remove..

She also has a ruptured eardrum which she is being treated for..which is why she is wobbly on her legs..

She is the most loving little thing and loves cuddles and kisses..
She has now been adopted by her rescuer and member of our team and is recuperating well in her forever home..

Thank you Louisa

Cat found

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