Charities for Animals in the Algarve

Charities for Animals in the Algarve. A Shelter run by Animal Charity in the Algarve. Find a cat or dog rescue centre near you.

Animal Rescue Algarve is both a rescue and a sanctuary for animals in Algarve, Portugal. This purpose is to help abandoned and sick animals and to provide vet treatment, neutering and socialising of the animals in their care. Their overall mission is to re-home any animal in their care.

Helping all Animals

Algarve is known to have upwards of 10,000 abandoned animals that need care and homes. Animal rescue Algarve is working to build an additional three shelters that would be able to accommodate 600 animals between the three of them. Animal Rescue Algarve is also working to get animals in the area neutered to control the animal population in the area. In order to get the animals neutered, they are focusing on teaching the younger generation of the area the importance of neutering to change the mindset in the future.

What Animal Rescue Algarve Offer

Animal Rescue Algarve also offers boarding, adoption, transportation, microchipping, accommodations and help with reported animal abuse for any animals in the area. They are devoted to the care and gaining the best life possible for any animal that needs it. They are always looking for volunteers and donations to help with their cause. They also sell goods in an online store to draw awareness to their cause and also raise money to continue to improve the lives of animals. Helping the welfare of all animals in the Algarve is our main objective.

Charities Animal Algarve
Charities Animal Algarve