Training Dogs in the bedroom

Training Dogs

Training Dogs can be difficult especially when they are puppies. Getting them into a routine and setting down the do’s and don’ts. Here are as few tips to help.

How to – Training Dogs Out of Your Bed and Into a Dog Bed

It may have seemed like a good idea to snuggle with your newly adopted pup when he only weighed 10 pounds. But puppies quickly grow, and their energy only increases. If you’ve got medical equipment, books, or anyone else in bed, it can get overcrowded pretty fast. Though it may take some time and effort, you can successfully move your puppy out of your bed to a dog bed.

1. Introduce the Dog Bed

Training doesn’t need to begin in the bedroom. In fact, it’s often easier to train your dog in a room other than the bedroom. You can successfully train him to sleep on his bed in the living room or other common space before moving it into your bedroom after some successful training sessions.

2. Don’t Train at Bedtime

A tired hungry pup isn’t going to be cooperative. Morning, afternoon, and even early evening are better than bedtime. Whatever time you choose to do your training, make sure your puppy has been exercised and fed. A puppy that’s hungry and bursting with energy will have a hard time paying attention for any length of time.

3. Toys, Treats, and a Leash

Place your pup’s favorite toy on the dog bed to help make the experience fun and have treats on hand ready to go. When it’s time to start training, put a leash on your pup and lead him to the dog bed. If he’s reluctant, use a treat to get him there.
Once you’re near the bed, use the command that you’ll use every night, something like “go to your bed” or “get to bed.” When he gets on the bed, put him in down or stay and give him a treat. If your dog tries to get up or leaves the bed, say “no” and lead him back to the bed, saying “go to bed.” As he starts to respond to training, slowly increase the time between giving the command and giving the treat.

4. Move the Dog Bed to the Bedroom

After several successful training dogs sessions, it’s time to move the dog bed into the bedroom. Don’t be alarmed if you experience some regression in the bedroom as your puppy tries to get on your bed rather than his. Conduct a few more training sessions during the day to help your pup get used to the dog bed in the new space. Again, make sure your pup is exercised and fed before all sessions.

5. Keep Your Dog Out of Your Bed

After your pup has been properly conditioned to use his bed, he may not try to get on your bed again. However, you may find yourself with a persistent bedfellow. In which case, you’ll need to keep him out of your bed. As soon as your puppy jumps on the bed, tell him no and give a command like “off” or, if it’s nighttime, “get to your bed” or whatever your bedtime command is. Demand that your puppy get off every time. Leniency will only cause regression and may prolong bedtime battles for days.

6. In conclusion Training Dogs

The first few nights of your adopted or fostered puppy successfully using his dog bed make sure to praise and offer plenty of rewards. You can always place his bed next to yours where you can still reach out and pet him when you want to.
Training Dogs to sleep

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