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A few weeks ago, we received a request for help for a puppy that was bleeding a lot from the nose, we already knew Akita from the streets of Almancil because we were used to seeing him walking with his owner, a lady who unfortunately could not give him the care he needed… but we should have gone to help sooner. When we saw his condition, the team agreed that he needed help! Akita besides already being an elderly dog, had leishmania, tick fever, an otitis so advanced that his face was swollen, had signs of having been run over countless times and always recovered alone and had also a perineal hernia that caused him a lot of discomfort. We took Akita, took care of him, gave him love and started the treatments, so when it looked stronger, we decided to move on with the hernia surgery, we wanted him to be able to have some quality of life, but unfortunately Akita couldn’t take it! We’re sorry, maybe it was too late, but we tried… and we know you’ve been very loved in your last days! We believe you’re in a better place now. Take care of us, Akita, we’ll never forget you!

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