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Today is the day to sit down and stop for a minute. Let the tears that we have to let flow and mourn the departure of our dear Cuba…. We tried to have his departure in a home, with a family, surrounded by every comfort… we tried to have a family to welcome him in his last days, we made appeals, we had sharing and we did everything so that when the time came he would have all of this… Time changed us, the disease galloped and Cuba left… and now that we sit down this minute we conclude that we got what he deserved… he left in a home, surrounded by family, with all the comforts… he left with us. We will miss you so much… your jokes, your good mood, your wonderful way of greeting everyone, the crazy way you reacted to food, to walks, to your world… we know you will continue with us, you will be with us watching us from above… today we mourn your departure and this little bit will be just for you… because tomorrow we have to continue without you… helping everyone else like you… with you in our hearts… because a little piece of it is yours alone… and always will be… Rest in peace dear Cuba….


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