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Our garden has gained a new flower… it is not just another flower… it is a branch… it is many branches… a forest of flowers… there is no amount that can measure the value it had for us. Our Bijou… how we will miss you… you were everything… you were family… many times we told your story… many times we talked about you… many people met you… many people received your affection… many times we hoped that it would be that family that would stay with you… many times our hopes fell to the ground and you came and did what you did best: give affection. We were not ready for you to leave like this… once again the world has shown us that it is not fair… it was not fair to you… it is not fair to you…. Oh Bijou… the mornings are no longer the same… we will no longer have you there to say good morning… we will no longer have you around us… we will no longer have you. We would like to miss you but knowing that you were adopted… that you were living the best life after everything they did to you… You lost your owner and the family just wanted to get rid of you… there was no room for you… and this is where you found your space. It was here that you made your home… and we did everything for you to find your family… so many compliments we gave you… that you were calm, that you were no trouble, that you were the ideal dog for any family… but because you were a senior nobody gave you a chance to see how we told the truth….they don’t know what they lost… they don’t know what a treasure they could have had in their lives… you received all the love we could give you… you left with a family: us. We will do everything so that other Bijous like you can have the opportunity that you didn’t have… that people can see beyond “they are old”, “they will die early” and realize how wonderful you and all seniors are… so that everyone can live the last years of their lives having what they missed when they came here… what they deserve to have and didn’t have the opportunity…. so that they understand that you and everyone like you deserve a chance…. so that they can see beyond “I’m going to suffer” and say “it’s going to be worth it”… they are no work, they don’t require many outings and all the time you save on those tasks you can spend with them spoiling them on the couch…. Rest in peace dear Bijou….

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