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How you can help

The cost of running Cabanita is substantial (approximately €20,000 per month) and help of any kind is always deeply appreciated. Below are some of the ways you may consider being involved. So far we have cared, repaired and rehomed in excess of 390 animals and received not a single Euro from Government or Town Hall.


Bank Transfer:

Abrigo dos Animais

NIB: 0033-0000- 45526891995-05

IBAN: PT50-0033-0000-45526891995-05


MBWAY - 910 476 880
Do you want to help us but you're not sure how or you live far away?
We have a "Wish List" on Amazon which we regularly update with items that we need in the shelter.
You can see next to each item how many we need and which we need the most.
If you would like to help, just follow the link below:

A British couple residing in Portugal are gathering verses, anecdotes, photographs and illustrations to create a book to be published April/21 with the name "For the love of...". Anyone making a donation of €10 or more will receive a copy of this book as a thank you. You can donate on the crowdfunding page they set up to help ARA animals until March 31st. When you make the donation you will need to give your personal data and as soon as the book is published you will receive a copy at your address (please specify how many books you would like).

Six different ways to help


In normal times we ourselves would look to put on 3 or 4 events. This year of course we have not been able to do any, meaning a significant shortfall in our income. We would welcome any suggestions for ways to generate additional funds.


We are always looking for local part-time volunteers particularly for dog walking and animal socialising.


We have the facility for any animal(s) to be specifically sponsored while they are still in the shelter and waiting to be rehomed.


We often do have a need for foster families. This is normally (but not exclusively) for puppies and kittens. Fosterers need to be dedicated individuals with the time and knowledge of caring for and looking after young animals.


Donations of any kind, e.g food, bowls, collars, leads, blankets, beds, toys, grooming equipment etc are always more than welcome. If however you wish to donate money, this can be a one-off or perhaps better still a periodic standing order directly into our account. No amount is too small and will be very much appreciated.

Legacy Donations1

Legacy Donations
This is often a popular way for somebody who is not necessarily able to donate immediately but by donating from their estate on their demise. We are also introducing a scheme whereby when a person passes away we will guarantee to take in their beloved pet(s) if nobody else will undertake to secure the future care of their animal(s). This scheme will/should put many animal lovers' minds at ease but has to be set up with legal and executor prior awareness.

when you sponsor one of our animals...


Sponsor one of our animals

Donate whatever you can each month

Satisfaction for you

Feel proud that you have helped a defensive animal on the way to recovery

dogs for adoption
Receive updates on animals progress

Receive monthly updates, progress and photos of your sponsored animal via email.

Ara website
Notifications of adoption

See your sponsored animal in its new home with its new family.

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...Checkout our branded Merchandising


...Checkout our branded Merchandising

All photos of animals featuring on our website, have been through us or are still with us.


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