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We knew that being our eldest you could leave us at any time. You left in the middle of the night in your bed. We were your last family and the shelter will not be the same without you.
Who is going to rip the spoons and forks out of our hands in the madness of eating the wet food? Who will clean the streets now, as you were the one who always found something to bring back from your walks? From cups, mops, toys, plastics, ropes, sticks, everything was for chewing. Old but always with a playful spirit, the tennis balls made you vibrate with joy. And the blankets? No dog likes a bed with clean blankets as much as you did.
Now you no longer suffer, leishmaniasis no longer torments you, your tired joints no longer hold your movements. Now, wherever you are, you are looking after us. We are grateful to have had you in our lives, we are grateful to have given you everything we could, but we are still heartbroken you left without anyone giving you a chance to have a home. You give us even more strength to focus on our oldies, so that they get the chance you never got.
Until we meet again, Jeremias ❤

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