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One more angel looking for us 💫
Our sweet Mafalda left us…
When Magalda came to us we knew something was very wrong with her, her spine had serious problems and she could barely walk, probably living for a long time in pain… She saw the best vet there is for her condition and we wanted to do something that made Mafalda feel and live better,but before that ,very unexpectedly, Mafalda’s heart stoped during her walk…we did everything we could at the time and we rushed her to the Hospital but sadly she couldn’t make it 😭
She was the sweetest dog, full of joy!
Everyday we were welcomed with her smile! And she left us with a huge feeling that we didn’t do enough for deserved more! You deserved to be loved,like you loved everybody!
We will always remember you!
See you one day Mafalda 🌟🤍💚

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