Letter of Thanks

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Hello Marcia,

I am Saar’s mum. My name is Tamara and you probably saw my name on the adoption papers for Archie.
But first I would like to thank you for giving Saar the opportunity to stay at ARA for the last four months. I have seen my daughter change from a girl who struggled with life, to a young woman who really found happiness and a positive path. Being surrounded by dogs was what she needed. And now she found Bobby and Josh. I want you to know I am very greatful for time she got to spend at ARA.. thank you.
And now about Archie. I have booked transportation for him at ‘purrfect pet transport’ on the 17th of May. They will transport him to Antwerp, where my husband and I will welcome him and take him home. Is that okay with you?
I also booked transportation for Luna on the 17th of May. But maybe that will be to soon for Luna. Would you be so kind to keep me updated on her progress? Saar told me she is doing much better since she is in the house. And that she even jumped on her lap.
I have to say that my mother is very much looking forward to giving Luna a save and loving home. But she understands it takes time for her to adjust. My mother is always home and can give her al the attention Luna needs and if Luna is up for it, they can go for long walks. My mother is a loving and responsible woman. And Saar and I are convinced that my mothers home is the perfect place for Luna to become a happy and confident dog.
And we are looking forward to welcome Archie in our home. I am sure he will love it here with his new friends.
Again..thank you for not only helping all those dogs, but also for helping my daughter.
Kind regards

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