Reporting Animal Abuse/Cruelty

Animal Cruelty AlgarveThe telephone service is environment and territory – 808 200 520 is a telephone number available 24 hours a day throughout the year, through which you can expose situations that may violate environmental laws and land use planning instruments.

This telephone line works in parallel with this online service, which you can use for the same purpose. In the case of providing name and full address, a response will be sent in due course to the result of the investigation of the exposed situation.

You can ring on the above number or on his link you will find a form to report Animal Abuse in the Algarve

Animal Protection

The protection of of animals, is important to Safe Communities Portugal and we are pleased to work with various organizations and government in efforts to protect their rights. This ranges from animal cruelty, abandoned animals as well as those which may have been stolen.

In October 2014 the Portuguese Government introduced laws that make the mistreatment or abandonment of pets a crime included in the Portuguese Penal Code, and become punishable with hefty fines or prison sentences.

According to the law, animal abusers, who, “without a legitimate motive, inflict pain, suffering or any other kind of physical mistreatment to a pet animal”, face a one-year prison sentence or a 120-day fine. If mistreatment intends to “cause the animal’s death or serious and/or permanent injury to the animal, compromising its ability to move” then prison time may go up to two years or the accused may face a 240-day fine. Abandoning pet animals is also punishable by a six-month jail sentence or a 60-day fine.

In some countries theft of animals, particularly pedigree and hunting dogs, is becoming more widespread and on occasions significant sums of money have been demanded by criminals for their return.

In Portugal, although the scale of dogs being stolen is unknown, there have been some reported cases to the police and a few have been posted on various websites. Often if a dog goes missing it is difficult to ascertain whether it was stolen or has simply become lost.

Prevention therefore is better than cure and Safe communities Portugal (SCP) has worked with Lost Pets in the Algarve to produce guidelines which are aimed at reducing the risk of animals going missing, whether or not is through theft or other reasons. The full guidelines and details as well as pictures of missing pets can be found at Lost Pets in the Algarve. SCP’s download with advice to minimize the risk of your pet being stolen is at the bottom of this page.

In the Algarve there are a number of well established organizations and other forums that provide help concerning animal protection, abandoned animals and those that have been reported missing namely: Pessoas e Animais, uma Lligação para a Vida (PRAVI);   Lost Pets in the AlgarveAnything Animal AlgarveLost and Found Pets in the AlgarveMissing Pets Algarve and SOS Animals Algarve