How to: Safely Bring Home a Rescue or Shelter Animal

Congratulations on choosing to adopt a rescue animal! After transporting him/her home now you need to decide and determine where your animal will be spending most of his time. Because he will be under a lot of stress with the change of environment (from shelter or foster home to your house), he may forget any housebreaking (if any) he’s learned. Often a kitchen will work best for easy clean-up.

Introduce your animal to your family members outside, one at a time. Keep it calm and low-key. Let the animal be the one to approach, sniff and drive the introduction. Offering a nice treat can help the animal to associate family members with good things ie food!.

Give your animal an opportunity to eliminate in the backyard or on a nearby walk, then let her explore her new home at her own pace. If you have children, hopefully they should have met her at the rescue centre so you and the sanctuary staff could assess how comfortable she is with children.

You need to look through your home and make sure there are no dangers for example electrical wires that they can chew, pick up small items an animal may find enticing to gnaw on, gate off areas of the home you don’t want the animal to have access to. Basically, animal proof your home!

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