Sanctuary Animals Algarve

A Sanctuary for Animals in the Algarve. And a view to Rehoming abandoned animals in the Algarve.

As a group of people interested in caring for and the welfare of animals in the Algarve. We aim to support efforts by all the Algarve animal rescue teams. Animal sanctuaries are far more compassionate and appealing compared to cramped kennels.
Below are the features we aimed to create in our project for the Algarve animal sanctuary.

Housing for the animals

For an animal sanctuary to be reputable, it has to replicate the natural habitat of the animals it houses. Animals should share space with best possible partners who can offer both emotional stimulation and companionship.

Type of life enrichment

Habitats are required to offer many physical stimulation outlets like expansive structures for running and playing, with nearby walks where by the animals can be taken for a change of environment. Enrichment mainly aims at providing comfort for the animals and not to make the scene more appealing for visitors like zoos do. The animal’s emotional needs should also be top priority. Animals should be kept with compatible companions of similar species to enable the animals use the natural social abilities in forming relationships, packs ad herds. In true sanctuaries, the residents are like fellow rehabilitate who guide new comers.

The size of the Sanctuary

When considering the facility size depending on the animals and species needs of the animals. The animals should have enough vertical and horizontal space for forage, climbing, roaming and exploring among other natural behaviour kinds. In sanctuaries, animals are not taken out for public display but rather stay indoors in the stimulating and comfortable environment with very little human interference.

Visitation policy

Reputable sanctuaries do not allow a hands-on interaction of visitors with the animals. Such are thought to be frightening and disruptive for the animal. Additionally, sanctuaries have limited visitation times by the public. When the park is opened, visits are only on specific times and days. You should actually book earlier.

Sanctuary Animals Algarve
Sanctuary Animals Algarve