Two Dogs Re-homed – ARA

Great news from Animal Rescue Algarve Shelter in Cabanita Loule. Tow of our lovely dogs and one of the kittens have been re-homed. The two dogs in question have been with us from the start so we are so pleased they have now found new homes. We are very grateful to the kind people who found it in their hearts to help ARA in the rehoming of these two beauties. The two dogs in question are Patch and Ruby. Below you can see both of the dogs with their new families. The new owners both currently have dogs and both new additions have settled in nicely and are happy with their new families and friends. The kitten Lua has also been adopted. Please follow their lead and consider adopting one of our beautiful animals. They all deserve a second chance in life and we are sure they will give you great pleasure and lots of love in return.

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