Animal Welfare Education

Technological advancement has brought numerous changes in the life of modern individuals, which has made it possible to make the Animal Welfare Education common. It is important to highlight the various factors, which are essential for the well-being of animals such as:

It is important that animal is living in a healthy environment, receiving the veterinary treatments, nutrition, appropriate shelter, and better management.
Animal Welfare Education can assist in understanding the ways in which a person can positively affect the lives of animals.
Animals are the most innocent beings and they receive the utmost attention and care from humans. It is important to educate people from a very young age in order to show the importance in the care for animals at an early age.
Animal welfare falls under the responsibility of each human and there are various measures taken by different organisations, which can educate humans about the significance of animals.

For example, different programs educate the young kids about the significance of animals. It is important to make them understand how to make the life of animals better. The world can be a beautiful place to live in, once there is harmony and balance in nature.
Over the years, many animals have become extinct. It is important to save what we have on the planet Earth. Many people kill animals for fun, which is brutal. It is important to educate the modern individuals about the animal welfare. The youth of today is the future of tomorrow and educating them can play a vital role in creating a positive impact on the society. Horses, monkeys, cows, goats, deer, bear, and many other animals are an integral part of this society to which the humans belong as well. It is important to take care of them to keep a balance in nature.

Animal Welfare Algarve

Animal welfare in Portugal is considered to be behind in the index of  countries around the world. Although new laws are being passed as time goes by it still needs to improve. You can read more about the Animal Welfare situation in Portugal here.

The Animal Welfare Humane offers a valuable experience in the magical world of animal. The goal is to provide children and adults with clear, informative presentations on  all living creatures. Our hands on presentations are age specific, ranging from preschool through high school levels. Animals are present during the classes and students are given the opportunity to meet the animals after the presentation. Classroom participation is encouraged throughout the presentation. Our information is delivered through a combination of interactive discussions, activities and audio visual materials. Pre and post materials are also available upon request to all educators and leaders.

Our education department teaches compassion and understanding for all creatures. Our humane educators attempt to create an awareness of domestic animal needs through offsite presentations as well as offering tours at the shelter for civic, scout and other organizations.

Although our humane education programs are free, we do recommend students get involved by collecting donations of desperately needed pet products that they can present to the shelter the day of the visit.

The Education Department also compiles information on a variety of animal welfare and animal rights issues. These are made available to anyone needing information for school projects and speeches.