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Goodbye Ahmed…

Life is not fair, we do not live with the intensity we desire, today we can think that tomorrow is guaranteed, but it is not always so.

We don’t often say how much we love those around us. We live in the present thinking about the future and involuntarily forget that tomorrow may never come.

Ahmed was the victim of a terminal illness, and the diagnosis gave him a very short life expectancy. By then, his health was already very weak, so he decided to make a wish list before he died and one of his wishes was to visit our shelter. He came alone from Denmark last month to spend some time with our dogs. Unfortunately, communication with him was already very difficult, but we tried to help him fulfil his wish and while he gave treats to the dogs we could feel his happiness, in a mixture of sadness and fulfilment. We managed to keep in touch with his guardian and sometime later we came to know that his health had worsened dramatically and a few days ago Ahmed left us…

Thank you, Ahmed, we were flattered by your presence and that we were part of your wish list. Life may not always be fair, but people like you make this world special and leave a footprint on Earth. To all family and friends, our heartfelt condolences!

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