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Through Workaway, we welcome volunteers from all over the world who come to our shelter to help us.
About a month ago the situation was reversed and we received requests for help from volunteers facing the war scenario for which no one expected.
Volunteers and team members joined a small group of people willing to give up their lives and head to Poland in an attempt to help animals and families in all they could.
Not knowing what was waiting for them, our group came across when they arrived with a much worse scenario than they imagined.
Since then they have done everything a little, established contacts with local associations, created bridges of help between residents and volunteers, prepared warehouses to receive animals, transported animals and families, organized and distributed donations, made their presence available 24 under 24 hours, receiving animals in the middle of the night, providing assistance to animals that arrive mostly sick and traumatized.
Ukraine has millions of animals, most of them have been dumped on the street, abandoned in houses, chained or in shelters where access is restricted and where many have died, the European Union places so many obstacles in the passage of these animals across the border that makes it almost impossible for them to get through and those who face long journeys and arrive in a deplorable state. The local shelters are full and urgent action is needed to get these animals to safety. the ideal is to get help from neighbouring countries, which can receive animals that are in these shelters so that those arriving from Ukraine can be welcomed to quarantine and the necessary treatments. They need: drivers who can bring food to animals that do not cross the border; more warehouses and land; feeding and sand for cats; cages and carriers; veterinary equipment and all kinds of medication, etc.
Please continue to help us help.
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