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In July last year Antônio was tied with a rope to the gate of the municipal kennel in Tavira, where he stood in the height of the heat until the officials arrived. With him was a note telling them to put him down as they had no money to do so.
After a few months, in November Antônio came to our shelter and stayed in FAT (temporary foster care) with one of our colleagues. Despite his liver being in bad shape, Antonio is an old but healthy dog who just needs some love and care at this most helpless stage of his life.
There is no justification, no way to understand how an animal can be discarded like this after a lifetime of dedication.
Thanks to a photo shoot by Carlos Filipe Photography , his text, shares and articles, we managed to find the ideal family for Antônio.
We knew that we would have to try everything possible so that he could live the last phase of his life surrounded by love, affection and all the care that he needs and that he now has.
Antônio, be very happy and sorry for the wrong humans that crossed your path. Keep on being that kind, dedicated and good natured dog.
Many thanks to Marta and family for giving the opportunity to a senior dog, for passing a lesson to your children that it does not matter the age or the breed of an animal for it to be worthy of a family.

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