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You arrived in 2018 with your siblings, among the first to arrive at our shelter. Here you found a family, a home. You grew up, saw three of your siblings adopted and it was just you and Larry. The trouble maker duo, together you were unbeatable at destruction, from blankets, beds, toys, leads, harnesses, bowls and even the kennels themselves were mere snacks for you.
Caputo, sorry!
We all promised to find a family for you and we didn’t. Just like you, the stallion from zone B, with the most beautiful eyes and a unique posture. You were incredible, you know that? All of us, yes because you knew every single member of this team, are proud of the amazing being you were and how you marked our lives. You welcomed all dogs as your friends, you were amazing in the social world of dogs. The shelter was always your safe harbour, where you always felt at home and this is where you liked to be, and this reassures our pain of seeing you leave after five years of your company.
Even your barking will be missed, we always knew which park you were in because as soon as someone asked who is barking, the answer was immediate “Capuuuto”.
Your brother will miss you very much and Maluma too.
With you you take a part of all of us, you were always among the favourites of our volunteers and we want to believe that we gave you the best life we could.
No, it’s not fair and you deserved much, much, much more! You spread joy, always in a good mood, always ready to run and play, always our Caputo who met more than a thousand volunteers, who saw our shelter grow, who was always there. Today the day has dawned poorer but the night is richer with one more star shining.
You may never have had a family of your own but you were part of a huge family that loved you and will always love you.
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