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See you again, Boss 💔
We say see you again because we want to meet you again wherever you are. You were a warrior these three months with us. We were your last family, not what we wanted.
We wanted you to have had the chance to have a real family, who loved you as only you knew how to love.
We didn’t expect to lose you in two days after the amazing recovery you had.
You left your mark, your smile we will never forget.
When you arrived depressed, unresponsive, full of after-effects of the illnesses you carried, you recovered very quickly and now that you were so happy it didn’t even make sense to imagine that we would lose you. That’s life..
We know that we did everything we could and how happy you were and how contagious your joy was for people, for other dogs, for life as a whole. Animals never go alone. They leave a part of them, they take a part of us.
Boss ❀
Angels never die đŸŒˆđŸŸ
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