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Hello Humans…
Today I’m not coming to introduce or talk about myself… I’m not going to ask you to fill out forms or share… you’ve already done all that tirelessly, and so I’m just coming to thank you for everything. I have a lot to ask and to thank you for. I have a lot to thank you for my 14 years of life but mostly for the last few years I have been in the shelter. Life turned me around when my owners split up and I came to the shelter with my daughter. None of this made me aggressive or angry. I continued to be calm and thankful for everything they did for me and my little girl. I want to thank you for all the shares that you shared when you talked about me… to say thank you for all the visits and walks that you gave me… for all the love that you gave me… for all the food or love… for never missing a friendly word and for your efforts to find me a family… My name is Seven and I passed away yesterday. I leave you with only a smile of gratitude for all you have done for me and my little girl. Thank you ARA for always being there for me. Thank you to all the volunteers I have met throughout my life…. Thank you for all the adventures I have experienced…and thank you my dear Tricia brown for letting me be a part of your life in my last years. Thank you for giving me a home, food and lots of love…. My space will be taken by another who, like me, will need all that you can give us better than anyone else. Keep looking after the other Seven that keep popping up… look after my little girl that I will keep looking after you… see you soon ❤
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